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Community Agency Membership Services

Does your agency specialize in working with members of minority or underrepresented groups?

If so, what better way to promote what you do and how people can find you? Here’s how it works.

  • Your potential clients will simply type in the keyword (s) of the specific services they may require. Perhaps, someone may be seeking services for WOMEN or IMMIGRANTS in a specific City/Province? Voila! If your agency is a member of this site, your information will appear.
  • For individuals or families seeking to relocate, and needing specialized services, it’s quick and easy.
  • Your membership allows potential clients to discover your agency, without prior knowledge of the name. Unlike google search, we guarantee you’ll be found.
  • Increase visibility of your organization & build clientele.
  • Members are demonstrating an alliance towards SKILLPILLAR'S mission.

The cost of an annual membership is $345.00 plus applicable taxes. Members receive FREE unlimited featured job postings.