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About Us

We are Canada’s leading promoters of “Equal Opportunity Employers,” their great job opportunities & inclusive workplaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am an employer, I would like to understand what makes SKILLPILLAR different from any other job posting site?

    Our purpose at SKILLPILLAR is to showcase and recognize those companies who pursue the practice of equitable, inclusive workplaces through employment opportunities. Our next job is to maximize their selection of applicants, to include persons of diverse backgrounds, including those members of underrepresented groups.

    We are also pleased to promote and direct your opportunities to Veterans, LGBTQ’s, Immigrants, youth and others.

  • My business currently has a policy towards fairness and inclusion in our workplace. “Equal Opportunity Employment” is always a consideration in our hiring practices; we often state this in our job descriptions with other competitive job posting sites.

    That’s great news! SKILLPILLAR really works for those employer(s) who are true to the phrase “actions speak louder than words” with regards to equal opportunity employment and inclusiveness. To you, it really means more than a statement of words. You’re ready to challenge solutions to maximize results.

    Members of minority groups are by their very nature, smaller than their majority counterparts. This alone, could impede a company’s efforts in recruiting the right kind of talent from a given group. The success to building a diverse and inclusive workforce is attracting the right applicants to your jobs. The truth is that high quality, diverse talent exists but it may be harder to find.

  • How is it possible that SKILLPILLAR will attract a larger pool of diverse job seekers compared to other competitive job sites?

    We are the experts in creating, diverse equitable & inclusive workplaces. Our purpose itself will intrigue diverse, talented job seekers to our site. We know for anyone, the right job = the right employer and the right work environment..

    To maximize your recruiting efforts, SKILLPILLAR works with many partner associations and community groups across Canada that support and promote diverse under-represented people(s). Our partners refer a broad range of highly qualified candidates to better increase your applicant pool. If not by referral, there are also those applicants who are not necessarily a member of any underrepresented group, but who are excited to seek job opportunities within a work place that values diverse people(s), opinions and encourages innovation.

    "Employers will find qualified diverse job applicants through SKILLPILLAR….or they’ll certainly find you"!

  • I am not a member of any known minority group, including, Veterans, LGBTQ’s and Immigrants. If I find a job opportunity that’s of interest to me, can I apply? Will I be giving the same consideration as others?

    Our answer is Yes! SKILLPILLAR is a public access site, promoting job opportunities for EVERYONE. For all employer(s), it starts with the right skill sets and qualifications first when it comes to the right “fit” for their business. We are simply here for you in a way that no other recruitment site has been. That is, helping employers put their equal opportunity policies to actions and increase their applicant pool of diverse, skilled persons, including members of known minority groups. The Bottom line, the employer chooses the right candidate for the job. For SKILLPILLAR, its simple, we promote job opportunities by open minded employers to open minded job seekers.

  • There is a quick survey on the Users profile page, what is its purpose?

    The purpose of the survey is to help us at SKILLPILLAR understand the background of our online users and job seekers in a broad perspective. The one (1) question survey is not linked to any sole person(s) identity or name, job search application or interest. The response you provide is retained solely for statistical purposes and its confidentiality is protected. At SKILLPILLAR we would like to know what percentage of our site users are members or non-members of a designated under-represented group.

    Although helpful to us, your participation is strictly volunteer. One click to answer one question and you’re done.